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Side Hustles


Side Hustles


Jobs… what is a job? Something that makes us have a sense of stability? An 8-5, Monday-Friday? Maybe you just work the weekend? My job is Friday-Sunday, 12 hour shifts. Yes, I work JUST three days a week. Believe me though, it’s just JUST anything. That 12 hour shift turns easily into 14 hours. I go home, get some sleep, and do it all over again for TWO more days. I have no free-time during my job. I barely even get to think during my job, because I am busy answering other people’s questions so we do not have someone die on us.

So, yes, jobs are fun. They can be especially if you enjoy your job. Unfortunately, sometimes jobs do not give us all the money that we want. Whether you are single, in a dedicated relationship, married, or just starting out… maybe a side hustle is more your gig. Now when I say side hustle, I do not mean doing quizzes to earn cash or go on shopping trips to get other people’s groceries. I am talking about doing something that will benefit your pocketbook yet get your creative juices flowing.

I am a writer by nature. When I was younger, I wanted to write for a living. I always dreamed that I would. So one of my side hustles would be this blog. Another one that I am currently in is making signs to sell locally. You can even do craft fairs if you make enough signs which is something that I do plan on doing… eventually. I will get to that in another blog post.

Other side hustles could be: Cleaning someone’s car, mowing someone’s lawn, walking someone’s dog, snowblowing/shoveling someone’s yard, handyman work for people around your area. There are so many fun yet creative ideas where you can do more than just take quizzes or get other people’s groceries. Some of these you could even build into a business if you work hard enough.

The thing is you have to BELIEVE in it. You cannot expect your business to grow without you even trying. Living on Dimes was a figment of my imagination two years ago. I opened up a gmail account and never did anything. I opened the domain about a year or so ago. Two months ago, I took the plunge and just went for it. I figure, what do I have to lose? Even if no one ever reads this, at least I can say that I TRIED.

A commercial sticks with me in the back of my mind. A man in a really nice sports car and the person narrating says that you wish you were him, but you never wonder how he got there. He go there, because he never took no for an answer. He went further. You do not see a successful businessman’s failures, but you see their success.

You can use this as your side hustle. NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. Leave a lasting impression. Let your SIDE HUSTLE show by always been courteous, be polite, give them your business card. DO NOT LET THEM FORGET YOU. The minute that you let someone forget you is the minute someone else will swoop in for YOUR customer.

They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Be positive, be true, be YOU. I can not reiterate this enough. There is NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU in this world. You are meant to stand out. You are meant to be heard. Now find a side hustle that you can get into and do it. Be the best that you can be.

Valerie @ Living on Dimes

Hello! My name is Valerie Arel. I started Living on Dimes to help those who need motivation and want to be financially stable and free! I currently have $28,000 in student debt WITH $12,000 in credit card debt. I hope that you come with me on my journey so we can all be financially stable. Little about me: I consider myself a mompreneur = mom+entrepreneur. We are in the process of adopting my niece and I have my son. When my son was younger, it was just he and I. We went through a lot together as mother and son, I know he does not remember a lot of it, but I want to share my experiences with you. I hope to get to know each and every one of you!

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  1. Sunshinysa June 30, 2018

    Great advice.
    I sell AMC cookware. Im passionate about cooking AND my pots.

    1. Living On Dimes June 30, 2018

      Being frugal about money and cooking has always been a passion of mine! Good eats, great prices while on a dime. Investing your hard earned money into good pots can make or break your dish. Some dishes are very prone to build up or even burning. It is great to be passionate about your business. I wish you the best of luck! Remember to never take no for an answer and let yourself be numb to those no’s, because they do happen. The best advice is to keep on going forward with what you are doing if it’s working; if not, then find another avenue.

      1. Sunshinysa June 30, 2018

        You are so right. Attitude, confidence and product knowledge is important. Than you great advice.

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